Word of the Month

Conflict studies

October 2018

Many people lack inner peace. They have no peace in their hearts. Everyone has likely had such a period in his or her life before. Most of the time, we blame this on external factors. Perhaps the boss is putting pressure on us. Maybe our neighbour is looking for a fight. Perhaps we feel that our house blessing is off kilter, or realise that we are drowning in debt. Whatever the case, we simply cannot find any peace. Often the most obvious explanation is the very last one we consider: we are in conflict with God.

In some way I am not at peace with my God. Perhaps I have a wish, but God does not fulfil it. Perhaps I have such a great idea, but God does not take any notice of it. He simply does not do what I want. He is requiring something of me that does not please me—and I do not agree with it. His thoughts are different from mine. I do not understand Him.

This happens more often than we would like. At some point we realise that we will not have any peace until we resolve this conflict. And we can only resolve this conflict once we wrestle our way through to saying yes to the will of God. The only way to have peace again—but it is guaranteed.

Food for thought from a divine service by the Chief Apostle