Word of the Month

Communication breakdown

September 2018

Holy Scripture relates that Jesus healed many blind, deaf, and mute people. This is something He did very conscientiously: the blind, the deaf, and the mute were limited in their ability to communicate with other people. Those who cannot see, hear, or speak have a difficult time interacting with other people—a limitation with serious consequences for those affected.

Communication breakdowns are widespread today. People are simply incapable of communicating with their neighbour. The connection to their neighbour in the congregation and even within their family has been disturbed. They no longer talk to one another, they no longer see one another, or simply look past one another, they are no longer really able to listen anymore, and they no longer express themselves. They have become blind, mute, and deaf—all symptoms of an evil that Jesus likewise identified: love grown cold. However, He can even heal this evil by kindling love in our hearts so that we may once again be capable of cultivating and untroubled fellowship in our matrimony, our congregation, and our family.

Let the Lord work upon your soul. He can heal you!

Food for thought from a divine service by the Chief Apostle