Word of the Month

Inspiring others for Jesus Christ

July 2018

The gospel comprises God’s actions of salvation in Jesus’ birth, His crucifixion, His resurrection, and His return. Belief in Jesus Christ and the rebirth out of water and the Spirit constitute the path to permanent fellowship with God.

That is the gospel. Those are the glad tidings!

Let us pass this gospel along to our children and our neighbour. Indeed, as Christians we have been sent and elected in order to spread this fire. But this will only work if the fire for Jesus Christ also burns in our hearts. The spark must leap from our hearts to the hearts of others, otherwise it will not work. — What are some concrete ways in which to accomplish this?

  • Let us occupy ourselves even more with the gospel. Then we will better understand, and perceive the great magnitude of, God’s love for us human beings.
  • Let us talk about the gospel with our children and with our neighbour. Then they will learn about God, about our experiences, and about our great future.
  • Let us pray together with our children and with our neighbour. In prayer we will experience that God is present, that God hears us, and that God responds to us.

At times this may cost us a little more time, a little more effort, and the endeavour to overcome ourselves, but let us all please do our part to spread this fire! Let us all take the time to spread this fire to our children and to our neighbour.

The love of God for all mankind is an inspiration to us! Let us also inspire our children and our neighbour with the love of God!

Heartfelt greetings and God’s blessing in your efforts to promote Jesus Christ!

Jean-Luc Schneider