Word of the Month

The right questions

April 2018

God has created mankind with a free will. He does not prescribe to us what we must do. He always leaves us the choice. You can pursue this path or the other path—but you must make your own decision.

Many would rather have God take the decision away from them. How simple everything would be then! We could simply come to the dear God and ask, “What should I do now? Should I go this way or the other? Should I turn left or should I rather turn right?” And then He would tell us, “You should go left.” But that would then be His decision and not our own. In that case we would ultimately be nothing more than following orders.

The help of the Holy Spirit when making decisions looks quite different. The Holy Spirit helps us to ask the right questions: “Will you still be able to keep the commandments if you pursue this path? Will you still be able to serve the Lord if you make this decision? Can you be certain that your neighbour will not be disadvantaged if you make this choice?”

Let the Holy Spirit go to work when you ask questions—then the answer will not be hard to find.

Food for thought from a divine service by the Chief Apostle