Word of the Month

Proclaiming His glory

November 2017

This year’s motto “Glory be to God, our Father” will accompany us throughout the year. In fact, it will guide us throughout our lives.

It is both a mission and a need of the Christian to recognise the greatness of divine creation, to thank God, and to praise Him for it. Once we have acknowledged everything that is as creation, let us proceed from there and thank and praise God, the Creator, for it. A third mission arises from this, namely to proclaim His glory. And how do we do that? By behaving like children of God.  

  • We forgive our neighbour—because God forgives us. 
  • We implore salvation for all of mankind—also for those who have hurt and offended us.
  • We are confident—because we know that nothing can prevent God from giving us His kingdom.
  • We are in the process of developing—because God has laid life into us that must grow.
  • We contribute to unity—because we know that all  human beings only have one God and Father.
  • We focus on eternal life, the inheritance of God. It is  the most important thing in our lives.

Let us make public that which we have recognised and for which we are grateful. If all of us become active in this mind and spirit, it will bring blessing—both for us and for our neighbour.

Yours sincerely,

Jean-Luc Schneider