Word of the Month

Let us not be short-sighted!

October 2017

Decision-makers in the areas of politics and economics are often reproached for only planning until the next election or shareholders’ meeting. Long-term and strategic thinking beyond the day is said to be in rather short supply. Whether this reproach is justified is another matter. To think in terms of broader periods of time is not necessarily innate in human nature. Even believers—who know that God’s plan of salvation encompasses more than just their earthly existence, and that it would be fatal to hope in Christ in this life alone—often only see what is right before their eyes.

All the Israelites could see was that God was leading them into the desert—and they had a problem with that. And yet, God’s intent was not to lead them into the desert, but rather into freedom in the Promised Land.

We often only see our path of life with its cares and trials, and often we have problems with the fact that life is the way it is. And yet, God’s intent is not to lead us into affliction, but into His kingdom, into the glorious liberty of God’s children, and indeed, into a new creation. His plan extends far beyond the day.

We see the present-day developments of the Church and of Christendom in some regions and ask ourselves: where will we end up if this trend continues the same way in the future? But Christ’s intent is not to close up His church—but rather to make full and perfect salvation accessible through it in historical reality, and to complete it in glory! His plan reaches far beyond the day. Let us not forget this!

Food for thought from a divine service by the Chief Apostle