Word of the Month

Acknowledging our weaknesses

August 2017

Anyone who ever aspires to be anything, or hopes to be successful in life, must never show any signs of weakness. This is already apparent in the schoolyard. Be strong! And if you are not strong, then at least act as though you were! Some have so internalised the ability to show their strength that they refuse to acknowledge their weaknesses at all. And this is not just a disease for managers—there are also many children of God who have a hard time showing weakness, or even admitting they have any in the first place.

Always joyful in their activities, always strong in faith, always loyal in following, always prepared to reconcile, etc., etc., etc. …

Unbelief, doubt, failure? Not me! But who could ever honestly claim to always be at the height of their faith? Who could claim to have never been weak, to have never been depressed, or to have never failed miserably?

The real problem with such suppression of one’s own weaknesses is not that one might think oneself stronger than one actually is. The fatal thing is that this might cause the value of grace to diminish. After all, only those who are fully aware of their weakness will really know how to appreciate the magnitude of grace. Such will never be afraid to say, “Lord, I believe. Help my unbelief!”

Food for thought from a divine service by the Chief Apostle