Word of the Month


May 2017

Sometimes it happens that we hear a passage from Scripture—one we know by heart by now since we have already heard it for the fiftieth time—and suddenly God puts something special into this text which we have known since childhood. Suddenly the familiar quote takes on a whole new meaning for us. Well-known and yet surprisingly new! We have never heard it that way before…

From time to time the choir sings a hymn—and perhaps it wasn’t even performed all that well, we’ve heard it sung better before, and we know the words by heart—but today, in this particular divine service, we hear it in a completely different way. The Holy Spirit has revealed something special to us in that one verse which we weren’t even listening to all that consciously before… Suddenly we realise: today is the first time I have ever really understood these words! Yes, exactly! That’s what it means!

The dear God can indeed surprise us—be it in the form of a thought or by stirring our heart in a special way—and suddenly we realise: this was just for me! A very personal gift.

He can also surprise you with unexpected blessing. Suddenly He allows you to experience a special joy you had not expected. Through a brother or sister in faith, or perhaps an acquaintance, He bestows a favour upon you which you had not been expecting. Suddenly you realise: this was the blessing of the Lord!

And He can also surprise you with His help. Perhaps you are thinking: “Oh well, nothing about this situation is ever going to change. I will just have to live with the fact that things will remain as they are.” And suddenly your heavenly Father surprises you with His aid!

Even if it happens in your daily life of faith from time to time that everything seems grey, used up, and worn out—make no mistake: even today, your Father can surprise you with His blessing and His help!

Food for thought from a divine service by the Chief Apostle