Word of the Month

Hey, I know that fellow!

March 2017

Curiosity is a familiar human trait. We always want to know who it is we are meeting, the person who lives next door or works with us, the individual whose photo we see in the newspaper or whose name we read in the news, the politician beside whose name we mark an ‘x’ on the election ballot, the teller who serves us at the bank, the fellow traveller sitting across from us on the subway. Many problems in our society originate as a result of the fact that we do not really know the other person or that we do not know anything about him. But those who know God and are familiar with Jesus Christ will also know their fellow human beings.

We know the most important thing there is to know about our neighbour: we know that Jesus has died for him. We know that Jesus desires to grant our neighbour salvation—in other words, eternal fellowship with Him. Perhaps as early as tomorrow, or perhaps only in the beyond.

This insight is much greater than anything else that we could ever know about such a person—because it prevents us from drawing the wrong conclusions about him and assessing him incorrectly. I cannot condemn or reject someone if I know that Jesus knows him—if I know that Jesus loves him just as he is. After all, He loves me just as I am. I may not know what makes this person tick or why he behaves the way he does. I may not know why he talks the way he does, or what he is thinking, or anything else about him, but I do know: he too is loved by God!

Food for thought from a divine service by the Chief Apostle (from: Our Family 05/2017)