Word of the Month

That wouldn’t be anything for me

February 2017

When you talk to other people today—be they colleagues, friends, neighbours—about your faith, your commitment to Church and the congregation, your convictions, and so on, you often hear things like, “I really admire you, but that would not be anything for me.” Or: “That is all well and good, but I could never do that! Loving my neighbour and bringing sacrifices for others and whatever else, that just doesn’t match my personality. I am not the type to do that.”

In truth we would have to respond to such sentiments by saying, “You are quite right! That really isn’t anything for you! You’re right, it doesn’t match your personality at all—mind you, it doesn’t match mine either!”

The gospel, the commandment of love, virtues such as humbleness, gentleness, friendliness, patience, kindness, loyalty—none of that matches my personality! And God also knows that very well! He knows me, after all. That is why He wants me to become a new person. That is why He has given me a new life and has made me into a new creation through the rebirth out of water and the Spirit. And now these things fit me. They are precisely the right fit for me and my life.

What was three sizes too large for the old Adam is a perfect fit for the new creation. And, if I wear it all together the right way, it results in a magnificent bridal garment!

Food for thought from a divine service by the Chief Apostle