Word of the Month

A troubled relationship

November 2016

When the Israelites were taken captive to Babylon, they had no more opportunity to worship in the temple and bring their offerings there. Divine service, as they knew it, was no longer possible for them because they had been cut off from the temple. Although their relationship with God had not been broken, it was troubled.

Many Christians also have a troubled relationship with God. They may well be baptized, and therefore members of the body of Christ, but they have internally distanced themselves from God. Church and divine service no longer hold any meaning for them.

There are likewise more than a few New Apostolic Christians who fail to appreciate their election. They may indeed have received the sacraments, but the divine service means nothing to them. While they may still have a relationship with God—after all, nothing has changed with regard to their childhood in God—this relationship has been troubled. Without the divine service, without partaking regularly in Holy Communion, they have not been able to maintain their close connection with the Lord. Fellowship with Christ suffers and becomes troubled if it is no longer cultivated by partaking in Holy Communion. When souls pass into the beyond in this condition, their relationship with the Lord is also troubled there. They are like the lost sheep of which Jesus spoke in His parable.

Through our intercessions, let us pave the way for them so that they may find their way back into close fellowship with the One who has loved them with an everlasting love.

Food for thought from a divine service by the Chief Apostle