Word of the Month

The fear of God and trust

May 2016

The year 2016 has been captioned by the motto of “Victory with Christ”. This also applies in daily life—perhaps first and foremost. Such a statement incorporates many facets. I would just like to pick out one point of emphasis: the fear of God and trust are part of our victory with Christ. The fear of God is the respect and reverence we owe God, our Creator and heavenly Father. Let us trust Him all our lives, even in bad days.

Here are some examples from Holy Scripture to illustrate:

  • With the help of his fear of the Lord, Joseph was able to overcome sin. As a devout individual, he was aware that God was with him and could see his actions. He withstood the temptation, refused to get involved with a woman who was not his wife, and even remained faithful to God while he was in prison, forgotten by all. But ultimately, the moment came when God liberated him.

Today we too know that God sees and knows all things. Let us therefore avoid sin and trust in Him. He will not forget us!

  • Moses was a man filled with trust in the actions of God. He engaged in a battle against Pharaoh, which at first seemed quite hopeless. Nevertheless, Moses did not give up his trust in God, even though the Egyptian ruler refused nine times to let the people of Israel depart. But ultimately, Moses did give the people the order to prepare for their departure from Egypt—they all obeyed him, and God liberated them.

And today? How often have we already experienced the power of God! Despite all the hostilities of the evil one, let us trust God and obey Him. Soon we will have escaped the evil one for good.

  • Paul had to change himself completely. Everything that had previously appeared holy had suddenly been called into question and become unimportant. Nevertheless, he believed and trusted the Lord, and soon continued his path as an instrument in the hand of God, leading the church of the Lord toward redemption. The Son of God Himself sent him out into the world as an Apostle and preacher of the gospel.

So it also happens with us today. God sends us out into the world so that we may hold fast—and loudly tell others about—the glad tidings of the resurrection of Jesus, His ascension, and His return! Christ will come—that is what we have been promised!

Let us always obey God out of reverence in all situations of life, all through our lives. We know that He sees and knows all things. We can trust in His power. Then we too will experience the victory with Christ!

Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider