Word of the Month


November 2015

Whenever I return home from my travels, I often bring an especially beautiful impression back with me: how colourful and diverse our Church is! However, it is not always easy to live in such diversity. We can find New Apostolic believers in almost all countries of the world. They speak hundreds of languages, and come from the most widely varied of cultural circles.

Now, Jesus Christ considers it important for all of us to be one. He even prayed for this at a very special moment, namely just prior to His arrest. But how is this supposed to work? By our own strength we would not be able to manage this, but with God it is possible. The best example of oneness is the Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The three divine persons have a single will, and testify of one another. They work together for the salvation of mankind. To emphasize this the Lord Jesus stated, “I and My Father are one” (John 10: 30).

But how are we human beings ever to attain such a degree of oneness? The first step to this end has already been taken by Jesus Christ: He became Man in order to share all things with us. He gave us His life. Through baptism with water and the Spirit, He lives in us, and Holy Communion enables this new life to develop. Our task is to see to it that God truly lives in us. The more we are one with Jesus Christ, the easier it is to be one with each other. For this reason, let us work on wanting the same things He wants: He wants us to enter into eternal fellowship with Him, such that we will then share everything with Him. His thoughts are to stimulate our thoughts. His friends are our friends. His enemy is our enemy. He wants us to testify of Him: let us stop talking so much about our own deeds, and instead tell others of His deeds, of His love, and of His sacrifice. And He also wants us to help along in His work and commit ourselves to His cause.

Oneness does not mean that we all need to be the same. We do not need to give up our personality, nor our tradition, nor our culture. We are all different, but we have one and the same will: we follow Jesus Christ.

Let us remain together in both joy and suffering. Let us unite in the worship of God, instead of criticizing one another, and let us bundle our strengths in order to serve the Lord.

Jean-Luc Schneider