Word of the Month


April 2015

What does the resurrection of Jesus have to do with my life? This is a question that often occupies the minds of many Christians. Perhaps this is because people always associate resurrection with death: “But I am not dead,” they say, “I’m still alive! How does belief in the resurrection help me now in my daily life? I would much rather have God help me get a grip on my problems or maybe perform a miracle so that I can finally get ahead in my professional life this year!”

But there is a catch to this approach: if we always only limit the gospel to our earthly lives, we will be quickly disappointed. “If in this life only we have hope in Christ,” so writes Apostle Paul in one passage, “we are of all men the most pitiable.” Why? Because the Lord Jesus never promised that a faithful Christian would be spared all things unpleasant and lead a life of pure sunshine. That is not how the gospel works. The gospel is the message: “You have a hope that extends far beyond your life—because Christ is risen from the dead. He is the Victor over hell and death. With His resurrection He has prepared the way for your resurrection. His resurrection is the promise that the moment will also come for you and me when we will be free from all suffering and affliction, when we will be free from sin and death! The glorified body that you will be given at the return of Christ—with which you will be capable of seeing the glory of God and dwelling in the new creation—waits for you: eternal life in the fellowship of God. All of this has its foundation in the resurrection—and that will also give you strength today to see beyond all that which is earthly and transitory and look up to the eternal future that awaits.

Food for thought from a divine service by the Chief Apostle