Word of the Month

The Lord knows your story!

September 2014

You and I, we have been called by God. We cannot yet truly fathom the full scope of what this actually means, but we know that God also knows those whom He calls. God knows us. He knows you and He knows me—inside out. He knows your entire life. He knows your circumstances of life. He knows your past and your present. He simply knows everything about you. He knows every step you take, every thought that crosses your mind. He simply knows everything. He knows your whole story. And because He knows you, He has called you—just as you are, with all your mistakes and weaknesses. Why? Because He loves you. Because He loves me. It’s as simple as that.

What is the objective of His calling? Or in other words, for what purpose have we been called? First of all, He has called us in order to follow Christ. After all, He wants us to enter into His kingdom, and we will get there very easily if we follow the path that Jesus takes, and upon which He invites us to follow Him: “Come, follow me!” (Matthew 19: 21). And if we follow Him, we will enter His kingdom. We are called to enter the kingdom of God by following the path of Jesus Christ.

But God has also called us for another purpose: we are called in order to be a blessing for others. This is always part of divine calling. God elects people and nations in order that they may be a source of blessing for others (cf. Genesis 12: 2).

We are numbered to a people that has been called in order to proclaim the greatness of God (1 Peter 2: 9). We are called to proclaim the gospel, to be a blessing for our relatives, our friends, our neighbours, our people, and even our country. We are called to proclaim Jesus Christ and His sacrifice, both today and later on in the kingdom of peace. Is this not a wonderful calling, namely to be a blessing for so many? And I will say it again: being called means that God knows your story! He knows you inside out. He tells you: “You can indeed be a blessing for others!” Isn’t that marvellous?

At times we have reservations and slight doubts when we reflect upon ourselves, and we ask ourselves: “How am I supposed to be a blessing? Impossible.” Not so! God has called you precisely because you are you! He has called me because I am me—because you and I can be a source of blessing for others.

Then there is also a third reason for our calling: you are to be a joint heir with Christ (Romans 8: 17)! That means that you will receive the same as Christ! We will share His glory with Him. That is the will of the Father. He wants us to share glory with Him. We were called in order to be joint heirs with Christ. We cannot even imagine what this means. Jesus Christ has overcome hell, death, and the devil—and He wants to share His victory with us!

When we reflect on this dimension of having been called by God—in order to enter into His kingdom—we see that we can indeed be a source of blessing for many other people and that they too can therefore experience the glory of Christ. This is the grace and love of our God. The more we become aware of the grace and love of God, the more we will be aware of what God wishes to give His elected people, and the more we will recognise how great the love of God really is.                

(From a divine service by the Chief Apostle)