Word of the Month

Faith and hope – inseparable!

March 2014

Faith and hope belong together, and both of them are part of being a Christian. A Christian can­not be without hope! Where there is faith, hope will also come into being. For me—in very concise terms—faith means knowing that God is almighty and that God is love. Both of these allow us to hope for God’s help. And because God is almighty and because He loves me, He will also help me. Never give up hope in God’s help! God wants to help and He will help!

Beyond that, we believe in God in Jesus Christ. From this belief stems a wonderful hope. We believe that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, came to earth in order to make forgiveness of sins and eternal life accessible to man­kind. And because we believe in Jesus Christ, we hope for eternal life! Being a Christian means having the hope of eternal life!

Jesus Christ is also the foundation of our hope. This is because He has promised: “I will come again” and has told us that He wants us to be with Him where He is (John 14: 3). He is not only the reason for our hope, but rather He Himself is our hope. He is the object of our hope. We hope in Him. We hope for eternal life, and thus for eternal fellowship with the triune God. We have come to recognise God through Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ has shown us the Father. We have come to know God through Jesus Christ. This is why we love God, namely because Jesus has shown Him—the true and living God—to us: the God of love, the God of grace, the God of nearness. This awakens within us the longing to be together forever with this God, whom we have come to know through Jesus Christ. It is in this respect that Jesus Christ is our hope.

This is the God with whom we desire to have eternal fellowship. That is our hope. Let us continue to pray for people to find their way to Jesus Christ—because we have this faith and this hope!

(From a divine service by the Chief Apostle)