Word of the Month

Serve the Lord!

January 2012

As I reflect upon the year ahead, I find myself thinking about the Lord’s parable of the talents. There we read of a nobleman who travelled to a far country, but before leaving entrusted each of his servants with one mina (= 100 denarii) and instructed them: “Do business till I come!”  (cf. Luke 19).

For us this means being active! Let us use the gifts which God has given us to serve the congregation. This is not a question of activity merely for the sake of activity, but rather of targeted action. The focal point of all our efforts should always be the return of Christ.

The words of Psalm 100 – “Serve the Lord with gladness” – are also relevant in this context. Let us not serve ourselves or pursue our own interests, but rather let us serve the Lord! Those who involve themselves in the congregation for the benefit of others are actually serving the Lord. How beneficial it is when we do this with joy and with our whole heart! We are so busy throughout the day that there often seems to be no more time left to serve the Lord. Sure, there are many constraints that could limit the time we have to help along in the congregation, but where there is a will there is also a way. May no one withdraw completely, thinking that there is just no way!

I call upon all of us to help along in the congregation!

I am thinking of those who maybe have not yet found a specific field in which they would like to be active. Often it is just a matter of overcoming ourselves and getting on with things.

Let us give ourselves an inner push

  • to bridge any distance that might still exist between the ministers and the members in the congregation. Let us interact with one another!
  • to renounce our own complacency!
  • to put aside all reservations in taking on responsibilities and obligations!
  • to overcome indifference!

All those who would like to be more active in the congregation but cannot clearly identify a field that would be suitable for them are more than welcome to consult the ministers. The ministers in turn are asked to support such members with their advice and reflect, together with them, on the question of how this positive intent can be put into practice.

And what about those who can no longer do anything on account of failing health? Even such members should still try to make the best effort they can to foster fellowship. One thing that everyone can do is pray for others. This is a beneficial service for the congregation.

With this in mind, may the year 2012 be a year of joyful service!

I wish all of you a new year full of grace that is also filled with much peace and joy out of the Holy Spirit. As always, we continue to wait for the return of the Son of God!

Yours sincerely,

Wilhelm Leber