Word of the Month

God’s bounty

June 2010

In His farewell discourses Jesus spoke about the reason for His coming to earth. He had come so that those who believe in Him “may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly” (cf. John 10: 10).

Already the prophet Jeremiah in His time promised that the Lord would grant His people His goodness and the fullness of His bounty (cf. Jeremiah 31: 14). The fullness of His bounty is there for those who always turn to the Lord, and who develop the divine life so that it comes to ripeness and perfection.

I understand the divine gifts in our time to be those things which the Lord provides for us in His church today. I can only list a few of these gifts.

One such gift, for example, is peace. Wherever divine life is present, and wherever one decides for the Lord, there will be an abundance of peace. Let us just take a look into the world around us. There is also peace there, but is it really an abundance of peace? That is not how I see it! Certainly, it may have been possible here and there to arrange things in such a way that there is no war but some degree of relative calm. But for me, the fullness of peace is something else: the peace of God which surpasses all understanding (cf. Philippians 4: 7).

The next gift is joy. The fullness of joy – does that really exist here on this earth? Actually it does not. I certainly think we all find some degree of joy when we are together with our families or when we have what we need and have a fairly good life. But these are merely short-lived moments. We all know that this kind of joy is never really enduring. But if we turn to the Lord and come under the word from the altar, if His divine life pulses through us, then we will have the fullness of joy. Then there will be the fullness of His bounty!

Likewise, may there also be an abundance of blessing! Wherever people turn to the Lord and trust in Him, they have laid the foundation for an abundance of blessing. May there be an abundance of blessing for all those who have wishes for their way of life! With the Lord we always have the fullness of blessing. May grace abound so that all our faults, imperfections, and weaknesses can be swept away! And we will experience the fullness of glory when we reach the goal of our faith, the return of Christ, and share eternal life with our heavenly Father.

We cannot imagine the great abundance we will then enjoy. Let us draw the right conclusions from the aforementioned such that we may always decide for the Lord. May the divine light of grace brighten our spiritual journey! And may the divine life develop within us and come to perfection!

May the Lord grant all of us these gifts so that we are able to continue on our path until we enter our heavenly home!            

(From a divine service by the Chief Apostle)