Word of the Month

Food for the Soul

February 2007

We come to the divine services in order to have fellowship with the triune God, to receive grace, and to nourish our soul by listening to God’s word. Let us concentrate on that which God gives us and not be distracted by earthly matters. Let us open our hearts and consume that which comes from the Lord above.

I have on occasion occupied myself with the words of the prophet Jeremiah: “Your words were found, and I ate them” (Jeremiah 15: 16). In another translation it even says: “When I came upon Your words, I devoured them.” Whenever the prophet came upon the word of God – at that time there were no structured divine services as there are today – whenever the opportunity presented itself, he absorbed it. He ate, or devoured it, as it says here.

He took God’s word as food and internalised it.

This same advice is directed at all of us today. When we hear God’s word we should not listen to it as though we were sitting in on a lecture or a report. Rather let us truly eat the word of God, or better yet, devour it like you would a fascinating book that leads you into a completely different and captivating world, a book you simply cannot put down. That is not something people often say about the Bible … And how do we feel when we listen to the word of God? After all, it comes from a completely different world, because it comes from the throne of God. The Lord Jesus promised that whatever the Holy Spirit hears, He will speak. And He will lead us into a completely different world. Let us permit Him to lead us there, and let us be so captivated by this environment that we no longer want to leave!

The word of God is always to be food for our souls, not only when the District Apostle serves us, but also when the Priest stands at the altar – even if it is perhaps a very simple service. Let us always plunge into the divine atmosphere so that God’s word, which comes forth out of His glory, may truly become food for our souls so that we may draw precious peace and great joy from it.                 

(From a divine service by the Chief Apostle)