Word of the Month

Trust – the path to blessing

May 2006

Year after year we await the return of God’s Son with unwavering patience. And there is really no sensible reason for our becoming faint-hearted in this. The promise of the Lord still stands: He will return in order to take His own to Himself. We can count on Him.

I have often pondered how important it is for us to have firm trust: trust in the Lord, in His guidance, but also trust—and this is inseparably connected with it—in the brothers whom we have been given as bearers of blessing. Let us not throw away our confidence, as the Holy Scripture says (cf. Hebrews 10: 35)—it will bring great reward.

Some have fallen by the wayside. Why? Because they did not have enough trust. I am reminded of the people of Israel who showed so little trust in many situations. And indeed, their entire journey through the desert was a single test of their trust in the Lord. How often did they complain when things became difficult! They even went so far as to attack Moses. That was no easy situation for him, of that I am certain. But none of the complaining helped them get ahead. The Lord always had to intervene, and in so doing He always demonstrated that the people of Israel could have trusted in Him unconditionally in the first place. And yet they so often lacked trust.

This shows us how important trust is also in today’s time. Those who complain and grumble must ask themselves the question: “Do I have enough trust?” If we are dissatisfied with the divine leadership, then this too is a question of trust. Let us simply lay everything into the hand of God. He knows about everything. The more we trust in Him unconditionally and without reservation, the more He blesses us. Trust is the way to blessing.

I am reminded of the disciples who were annoyed when the Lord told them they would have to eat His flesh and drink His blood. Many turned away from Him as a result (cf. John 6: 53-60). What was the reason they turned their backs on the Lord? A lack of trust! If they had trusted Him they would have turned to the Lord, asked Him to clarify things, and tried to understand what He was talking about. But they had lost their confidence in Him, and so went their way.

Even the disciples of Emmaus, who had had their own thoughts and ideas about Jesus’ mission, were lacking in trust: “But we were hoping that it was He who was going to redeem Israel (cf. Luke 24: 21).” Such were their words. Disappointed as they were, they turned to leave Jerusalem and go their own ways. Only thanks to the grace of the Lord did they pause and allow themselves to be led back again.

Those who trust the Lord can also have courage because they know that they will be supported, and that the awesome power of God stands behind them. Those who have trust are also able to deal masterfully with the various matters that arise in their lives. I cannot promise anyone that everything will go perfectly smoothly in life, that there will never be any hardship, and that they will have only the best of happiness every day. That is not what the Lord has in mind with us here in the first place! He is interested in preparing us for eternity. And in this context it is very important that we continually allow our trust to be reinforced, and that we prove our trust. We do this when we react calmly and trustingly even in situations that do not turn out as we would wish. Don’t forget, we are in the hand of the Lord. I know that is easy to say—it is something you have to experience. This is a matter of trust. Let us not throw this trust away! Trust brings the blessing and help of the Lord.       

(From a divine service by the chief apostle)