June 4, 1995: Zurich (Switzerland)

Photo: VFB

Setting: All District Apostles and Apostles from Europe had come to the Swiss capital. The reason for this was the 100-year anniversary celebration of the New Apostolic Church in Switzerland. Already on Thursday, 1 June 1995, there had been a festive ceremony at which other churches and even politicians had been present. The Sunday’s Pentecost service was recorded by the Swiss television company SF. Excerpts from it were broadcast on the Sunday evening news, along with an interview with Chief Apostle Richard Fehr. The service was transmitted to all European District Churches, reaching a total of 250,000 participants in 36 countries and 1,300 churches.

Pentecost greeting: “Watch therefore, for you know neither the day nor the hour in which the Son of Man is coming” (Matthew 25: 13).

Core thoughts: “To watch means more than simply being awake or having overcome sleep. To watch means to look up in anticipation. Those who are watchful will be aware of dangers and will counteract them. […] Watchfulness is the basic attitude of all Christians who prepare for the return of Christ.”