NAC from A to Z

Conceptual model "Serving and leading"

  • The doctrine of Jesus Christ and His exemplary activity are binding upon our serving and leading in the New Apostolic Church, and define the manner in which we treat our fellow human beings.
  • Our activity should help all believers to attain eternal fellowship with God and to become blissful on their way to this goal.
  • We will keep that which has proven itself, however we will also put into practice the timely impulses of the Holy Spirit.
  • Mutual respect, openness, modesty, and discretion are prerequisites for blessed collaboration and lead to a fellowship that is pleasing to God.
  • Our ecclesiastical authority is practised in love, fairness, and exemplary living.
  • We preserve peace through prayer, mutual discussion, and the willingness to reconcile.
  • We profess: God and His work are sacred to us!

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