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Sealing, Holy

The sacrament of Holy Sealing is the dispensing of Holy Spirit. By this act the faithful is filled with Holy Spirit as a strength of God. It comes about through prayer and laying on of hands of an apostle on souls baptized with water.

The Holy Baptism with Water and the Holy Sealing conjointly constitute the rebirth out of Water and Spirit; by this the childhood in God is attained. As a child of God the reborn is entitled to become a heir of the future glory. Both acts together allow a transference to Christ. The faithful is incorporated in the body of Christ; he is a member of the Work of the Lord.

In the act of Holy Sealing, Christ enters the faithful into the Lamb’s Book of Life. He receives the purchase sign of the Lamb and is entitled to belong to the bride of Christ and to be firstfruit in the future kingdom of Christ.

In the New Apostolic Church the Holy Sealing is also dispensed to children whereby the parents must profess their faith in the doctrine of Jesus and the apostles.