NAC from A to Z


The New Apostolic Church cannot give any internationally valid guidelines on the subject of family planning due to the various cultural differences and individual conditions around the world. Nevertheless, the fundamental principles of the Church on the subject are as follows:

  • Basically, family planning (birth control) is at the sole discretion of the married couple.
  • Sexual activity within matrimony is desired by God as an expression of the couple‚Äôs love for one another. Human beings are obliged to act responsibly when it comes to their sexuality. This also includes the decision as to whether a couple wishes to bring children into the world.
  • Birth control can be practised with or without the use of contraceptive measures and devices.
  • The Church does not object to contraceptives that primarily prevent fertilisation of the ovum. The Church does, however, reject medication and methods that essentially prevent the further development of an already fertilised ovum or kill it.