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Apostle Ministry necessary for salvation

The statement that the apostle ministry is necessary for salvation means that the apostle ministry is indispensable for attaining salvation in Christ. The question of indispensability only applies to that period in the salvation history in which the apostle ministry is active for preparing the bridal congregation.

First of all, the indispensability of the apostle ministry emanates from the fact that Jesus established just this one ministry and vested it with respective powers. Moreover, this is based on biblical testimonials of acts by apostles, such as for example the bestowal of the Holy Spirit in Samaria and Ephesus (cf. Acts 8:14 ff. and 19:1 ff.).

It is our conviction of faith that the apostle ministry was not historically unique but that it was re-established by God in the 19th century for the preparation of the bridal congregation for the Return of Christ. The question as to who will be accepted on the Day of the Lord and whether there will be any exceptions is left to God’s sovereign decision.