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Baptism, Holy

The sacrament of Holy Baptism with Water is the first and fundamental act of grace of our Triune God bestowed on a human being who believes in Christ. The act of Holy Baptism with Water includes the washing away of the original sin. In this respect, the person to be baptized has a share in Christ’s merit and experiences his first close relationship with God. He (the baptized) becomes a Christian and is thus adopted into the fellowship of those who believe in Christ and profess their faith in Him.

The Holy Baptism with Water is a first step to a renewal in the Holy Spirit. By this act, God opens the person to be baptized the way to salvation in Christ and lastly to perfect redemption.

The Christian Baptism is recognized if it was performed properly by another
Christian Church, i.e. with water and in the name of the triune name of God.

In the New Apostolic Church the Holy Baptism with Water is also dispensed to children; in this case, the parents profess their faith in Christ. This practice is based on the understanding that children must not be excluded from God's acts of blessing, as they too are in need of the Lord's grace.