NAC International

International Headquarter since 2002

In accordance with Swiss law, the New Apostolic Church International (NACI) is an independent association whose perpetual seat is located in Zurich. It incorporates the incumbent chief apostle and all active district apostles, district apostle helpers, and apostles. The organs of this association are the chief apostle, the District Apostles’ Meeting, and the Apostles’ Meeting. While legally independent of one another, NACI and all New Apostolic District Churches comprise one Church with a uniform doctrine and global presence, under the leadership of the chief apostle as the Church’s highest spiritual authority.

NACI has set itself the task of nurturing, fostering, and preserving the spiritual unity of all apostles on earth with the chief apostle and among one another. This is accomplished specifically through: planning, preparing, and conducting district apostle and apostle meetings; regularly inviting apostles to participate in divine services conducted by the chief apostle; and planning and preparing journeys by the chief apostle to the various District Churches for the purpose of conducting divine services and fostering fellowship.

Beyond this, NACI promotes the unity of all District Churches as part of a globally active church. For this purpose, it gives direction for the development of the Church both within and without, drafts directives conducive to spiritual, organisational, and international cooperation between the District Churches, and executes the directives of the chief apostle. In addition, NACI supports the Project Groups and Work Groups established by the chief apostle, preserves the unity of the New Apostolic Church, promotes the interests of the Church as a whole, and represents them in public. NACI also determines strategy for the finances and development of the Church. In order to guarantee the continued economic viability of the various District Churches, support financially weak District Churches - thereby contributing significantly to uniform development within the various regions - NACI analyses the annual statements of accounts of the various District Churches, and supports these in achieving optimum coordination of all administrative tasks and making use of all available synergies. NACI also coordinates charitable activities, archives documents relevant to the church, and supervises the Church publications of the Friedrich Bischoff GmbH publishers (cf.

The District Churches remit revenues - which are set by the chief apostle in consultation with the respective district apostles - to the New Apostolic Church International. These revenues are used to cover NACI’s own administrative costs, support financially weak District Churches, pursue charitable and public-spirited activities of international significance, and finance all further activities of NACI.

These funds are administered in accordance with the directives of the chief apostle. He will take steps to assure professional accounting as well as assure a professional statement of accounts by the end of each calendar year, including the auditing of same by a reputable auditing company. The annual statement of accounts, the annual report, and the audit report must be approved by the District Apostles’ Meeting.

In order to establish and implement NACI’s financial strategy, the district apostles (without being asked to do so) submit their signed statements of accounts, together with business reports and auditor’s reports, within six months after the close of each financial year. These pertain to the District Apostle’s area (in the form of balance sheets of the District Churches under his care), charitable bodies and foundations, and church-owned economic enterprises.