Consulting groups

Project groups

To clarify topical questions, as well as questions concerning the faith, to compile teaching aids and teaching material, to unify the musical character within the Church, and to simplify administrative procedures, the Chief Apostle has set up project and work groups to which professional Brothers and Sisters are appointed. The panels are not decision-making bodies of the Church; their task is of a purely supporting and advisory character. Their activity is limited to the theme or subject matter to be dealt with. As in the case of the administration of the New Apostolic Church International, the project groups work according to project management methods. The Chief Apostle decides - generally on consulting with the District Apostles’ Meeting - on the constitution and dissolution, the nomination of members, as well as the budgetary framework of project and work groups. The instructions define the expectations concerning the product in question, the target-group, the deadline, and the budget. Sub-groups can be appointed in the event of a project or task being very comprehensive. Where assignments in specific fields are concerned, experts can be called in.

A project group consists of the chairman, the project manager, and other members. In order that the global interests of the Church are taken into account, higher ministers from different countries are also represented on the panel. The other members are Brothers and Sisters who have specialized and professional knowledge of the subject. The chairman represents

the group externally: he is responsible for the execution of the assignment to the Co-ordination Group or the Chief Apostle. The project manager is responsible for the organizational, financial, and technical aspects of the project; he defines the working procedure.

Co-ordination Group

The Co-ordination Group, which reports directly to the Chief Apostle, has the task of controlling the efficiency and relevance of the work of the groups. It is composed of three District Apostles or District Apostle Helpers, who are appointed for the duration of six years, as well as a project manager. Apart from a guiding capacity, the Co-ordination Group also sees to it that the Chief Apostle is presented with conclusive results. After appraisal by the Chief Apostle, the District Apostles discuss the content and application of the subject. Thereafter the Chief Apostle and the District Apostles adopt a resolution.

Thanks to the work of the project groups a whole series of new teaching material could be made available. In many other areas important results were also attained.

Strategic groups

Parallel to the project and work groups, as well as groups of regional significance, the Chief Apostle has launched two additional bodies - Church Strategy and Financial Strategy - who advise on long-term strategic questions. To avoid multiplicity, both groups bring their work into line with the Co-ordination Group (”strategic co-ordination”).

Overview in pdf file

You can download an overview with the project groups in the New Apostolic Church (pdf)