Structures & Ministries

Since Pentecost 2013, Jean-Luc Schneider has been the chief apostle of the New Apostolic Church. As such he leads the Church from its head office in Zurich, Switzerland. Jean-Luc Schneider is a French national.

District Apostles head Regional Churches

Those working closest to the Chief Apostle are the District Apostles. They are the heads of the different regional churches and are assisted by other Apostles. Together with the Chief Apostle they provide global unity in church doctrine and in pastoral care.

International Conferences foster Unity

The Chief Apostle and the District Apostles meet regularly to consult each other on church matters of international significance. Every three years all Apostles gather for an international general assembly.

Further Ministries assist the Apostles

Bishops, District Elders and District Evangelists assist the Apostles in fulfilling their regional duties. The congregations are the centre of religious life. They are in the care of Shepherds, Evangelists or Priests commissioned by the Apostles. These Rectors of the congregations are assisted by Priests and Deacons.

Nine Million Members around the Globe

The New Apostolic Church is established in almost all countries on this earth. Around the globe there are nine million members from all age groups and areas of society.

New Apostolic Faith in Everyday Life

The behaviour of New Apostolic Christians in their personal environment is marked by the wish to lead their lives according to God's will. This means to meet everybody with respect and to be helpful.

The task of the Church

The New Apostolic Church understands itself to be the church of Christ, identical to the apostolic congregations of the time of the first apostles. The Holy Scripture, together with the timely word inspired by the Spirit, comprises the basis of its teaching, whose aim is to declare God’s plan of redemption and to prepare believing souls for the promised return of Christ.

The New Apostolic Church recognises that its task is to acquaint all people with God’s word and commandments, to administer the sacraments of Holy Baptism, Holy Sealing, and Holy Communion, and to conduct acts of blessing. It cares for its members and fosters New Apostolic faith according to its creed. This takes place particularly in the form of regular divine services, conscientious pastoral care, and social work in the spirit of brotherly love.