Offers in youth care

Our youth receive age-appropriate care and support, however, they do not form a separate group within the congregation. They are encouraged to become involved in the congregation's many activities after confirmation, and to practise, profess, and stand up for their faith in their surroundings.

Youth leaders, who are trained and supported for their work by the Church, assist our young members at the congregational and district levels. They stand by them as personal contacts for confidential conversations in various situations of life as well as for questions of faith.

In many District Churches the offer to the young people also includes an annual youth weekend, as well as divine services for the youth on a district level. Youth meetings provide an opportunity for conversations about questions of faith and life in general, as well as a chance to exchange information and ideas.

Committed young brothers and sisters will find multiple opportunities to engage their gifts and talents both within and outside of the congregation, and thereby fulfil the call to love their neighbour.


Parents should teach their children to act in personal responsibility in accordance with the fundamental values of the gospel. It is the task of the ministers and Church teachers to support the parents in this effort. (12.4.1)

In divine services for children the young believers feel the nearness of God and are supported in faith in child-appropriate fashion. (12.4.1)

In the various levels of Church instruction the children are taught to lead their lives in awareness of their responsibility before God (

In Pre-Sunday School children who are not yet of school age are introduced to faith in child-appropriate fashion. (

In Sunday School, children are given insight into God's activity by way of biblical stories. Other points of emphasis in content include: the sequence of the divine services, the significance of the sacraments and acts of blessing, as well as Christian holy days. (

In Religious Instruction, age-appropriate knowledge is imparted concerning the stories of the Bible and the origin, development, and spread of the church of Christ. The history of salvation is also addressed with reference to the life of faith of the children. (

Confirmation Instruction prepares adolescents to take over responsibility for their life of faith as Christians who have come of age. (

Young people receive special pastoral care. The objective is to strengthen them in the values of the Christian faith. They are to develop into personalities who are aware of their responsibility to God, who practise their faith, and who profess it. (12.4.2;;

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