Church Activities

The New Apostolic Church finances itself. It does not levy church taxes or dues on its members. Nobody checks, whether someone makes a donation or not. An amount which members may take as a reference is the tenth part of their income, as indicated in the Bible.

Working in an Honorary Capacity

Pastoral and organisational duties in the congregations are carried out in an honorary capacity. All acts and blessings performed by the church, e.g. baptisms, wedding ceremonies or funeral services are carried out free of charge.

Use of Resources

The church endeavours to manage its affairs with as little administration as possible. By far the largest part of its income is used for construction and maintenance of church buildings, and is thus of direct benefit to the individual congregations. And a considerable part of the church budget is used for missionary work. Beyond this, the church gives humanitarian aid and supports relief work in cases of emergency.

The income and expenditure of the church is controlled by independent Certified Public Accountants.

The New Apostolic Church is Politically Neutral

The New Apostolic Church abstains from all political statements. It expects its members to fulfil the laws and the civil obligations of their countries provided divine laws are not transgressed.The church attaches importance to open and trusting relations with governments, authorities and the general public. New Apostolic Christians are free to engage in public life.

The Gospel and the Pastoral Work have first Priority

The main focus of church activities are Divine Services and pastoral care of the individual members. In addition, the New Apostolic Church is engaged in charity activities within the bounds of its limited possibilities. If, in individual cases, help is urgently required, it is given directly and according to the need.